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The Chamber of Commerce is placing our entire community online so that we may create a powerful advertising system centered around our members

The services to members and our community are significant.

We hope you will continue to support the Chamber’s mission and take advantage of the best communication and advertising network available for your investment dollars.

Be amazed at all you do through our Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber website and Visitor’s Center is the focal point of Chamber activity as well as a trusted site for visitor information. The Chamber's web receives over 350,000 directory inquiries each year and over 1,870,000 member exposures which includes internet search engine visits. In addition, we receive over 5,000 visitor walk-in and telephone inquiries each year.

The Chamber serves each member with an important list of resources, benefits, information and advertising opportunities and serves the community by sponsoring and marketing community events and business programs.

Check out which members are being searched at this moment on the Web!

The Chamber is fully committed to helping our community prosper and our members succeed. For this reason we have invested in state-of-the-art technologies to help build our economic base.

Some of these tools are available from this page and are FREE to all active members. If you are a member then we invite you to look around, login and even use our FREE MEMBERS SUPPORT center to be sure you are making the best use of our member advertising systems.

Ask about our new Chamber Social Network which was designed from the ground up to automate the publics request for assistance (click on the logo to the left) and to help members do business with one another from a single network.

Are You Still Considering Membership?

If you are still considering membership in our Chamber of Commerce we invite you to read about the many electronic reasons to join. We've setup a website called Chamber Economics that we believe will prove the value of membership.

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