Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce

Public Boat Launches

There are two public boat launch areas on Lake Almanor:

  • Forest Service Ramp at the Canyon Dam Picnic Area at the Junction of Hwy. 147 and Hwy. 89, Picnic tables and fire pits, restrooms, 3 lane ramp, launch/load dock, no fee
  • Forest Service Ramp on the West Shore 1 mi. off Hwy. 89 on Almanor Drive West, located in the U.S.F.S campground area, restrooms, public beach, launch/load dock, no fee

Private Marinas and Boat Launch

Keep These Out of Our Lake

Please Help us keep All Guagga and Zebra Muscles out of Lake Almanor!


  • Inspect all exposed surfaces
  • Wash the hull of watercraft thoroughly
  • remove all plant and animal material
  • Drain and dry all areas
  • Drain and dry the lower outboard unity
  • Clean and dry all live wells
  • Empty and dry any buckets
  • Dispose of all bait in the trash
  • Wait up to 5 days of summer heat and up to 30 days of cool weather before launches into different fresh waters