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Lake Almanor Living and Running by Carolyn Stillman
by Susan Bryner on November 19th, 2010

Our esteemed Executive Director, Susan Bryner, gave me a great suggestion for a blog post. She became aware of a women’s running group called LARC…Lake Almanor Running Club. So I got on it right away and after a time of juggling schedules, I was able to arrange a meeting with four members of the group after their early morning run on the Bailey Trail.

The Bailey Trail runs from a cul-de-sac at the end of Marina Drive in Bailey Creek to the border of the Lake Almanor Country Club. Running both directions offers a five-mile run. I sat in my warm car on the chilly morning and watched the snowy path where the runners would appear. Suddenly there they were, led by a bounding chocolate lab.

I was impressed since they weren’t even breathing hard as they introduced themselves to me. There was Shannon Story of Chester, Rosie Bertoluzza also of Chester, Wendi Durkin (not to be confused with Wendy Durkin) of Bailey Creek, and Kim Holliday of the East Shore. The dog was Wendi’s and named Remmy who went along for protection but mostly because he loved it.
The ladies explained they were a part of a group numbering about twenty women in the Almanor Basin with a core group of ten. They have run in several events in the area including the Chester 4th of July Fun Run since their inception in 2009. They even have a tee shirt with a perching lark on the front holding a pair of running shoes in its beak.

The group is comprised of women of all walks of life from women with young children to business women, from age twenty something to fifty. They are very enthusiastic about the camaraderie offered by a group of women with similar interests and the motivation they get from running together.

The eldest member of the LARCs is Kim Holliday who admits to being on the cusp of fifty. She has set herself an admirable goal which is to run a marathon in each of the fifty states and Washington D.C. At this time she has accomplished marathons in 35 states and had just returned from her most recent in West Virginia. She says she is always thrilled by the beauty she’s encountered in each of these venues. In the larger group of women who participate in these events all over the country she has found her inspiration in a sixty-year-old runner who apparently has no intention of slowing down.

After our brief visit we went our separate ways…each to her own life and I to my computer to set these thoughts down. I very much enjoyed meeting them and will keep an eye out for news of more of their runs in the coming months.

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