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Thanksgiving in Lake Almanor: Life is Good
by Susan Bryner on November 12th, 2010

As the holidays approach I find myself tingling with childlike anticipation. The last leaves are falling from the cottonwoods and maples outside my bookstore. The hours of daylight have declined and it seems a bit darker among the books. Yet I am suffused with the joyful sights, sounds and smells of a mountain community preparing for winter.

Another child visited my store this afternoon plying me with the holiday chocolates that will fund his next field trip at school. His hopeful face reminded me of my first entrepreneurial experience selling Christmas Cards with snow scenes to the hurricane hardened residents of my childhood home in Miami. My heart went out to the universal, undying hope of the salesman. I bought more chocolate than I needed.

The first wafts of wood smoke in the air evoke memories of family evenings playing gin in front of the fire. My visions of Thanksgiving are beginning to build. I can already hear the laughter and chatter amongst our children as we make soup together and play Mexican Train at the old dining table where my mothers, their grandmothers, played scrabble.

Children, noise, laughter and love will fill the quiet beds of my house for 4 days. I steep my mind in the images, already experiencing the thrill when my granddaughter wraps her arms around me in a goodnight hug while I tuck her into the sleeping bag at the foot of our bed. I can already hear, our 3 year old grandson, whose language gets clearer with each day, whispering in the dark, “Goodnight Grandpa Tim-Tim”.

Life is good.

We will have warm fires of almond wood and cedar, hot chocolate and schnapps. And, together we will go to our town’s Merchants Night and Light Parade where Santa will arrive on a Fire Engine. The merchants will serve cookies and warm cider along with their characteristic good cheer. Families, friends and community will come together with our mountains to give thanks for the abundance of spirit we receive from each other.

It is times like these that make me think that my tiny world in Almanor just might come pretty close to being perfect…at least it is for my simple needs.

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Cristi - November 18th, 2010 at 4:08 PM
this makes me homesick and long for a vacation all at the same time.
Ron Loyles - November 18th, 2010 at 6:06 PM
Thank God for memories of past holidays and anticipation of ones coming. Wishing you Tim, Chloe and family a Happy Thanksgiving! Nice blog
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