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Autumn is Upon Us.
by Carolyn Stillman on October 20th, 2010

Autumn is upon us! If someone asked I’d have to say it’s my favorite time of the year. Winter is kind of like the mean old lady up the hill who sat in her window and yelled at us if we stepped on her dichondra lawn. Lord help us if we fell off our roller skates by her house. Then spring arrives demurely wrapped in soft green filling the woods with new life. And
summer rolls in like a fat lady lolling around in the sun soaking up the rays at the edge of the bright blue, boat-filled lake. But autumn…it’s flamboyant…it’s an exotic dancer clothed in bright hues of gold and red. Wonderful!

The maple in my back yard is beginning to show some soft red in spots so when I planned a trip over to Susanville I was ready to check for color in my favorite fall places. I hopped into my little green car and headed east on Hwy. 36. Right away passing by Bailey Creek golf course I noticed the aspen lining the greens were starting to change color.

Out on the highway the ground cover is already a lovely shade of yellow brightening the roadsides. There’s a spot just past the Peter Lassen roadside marker on the other side of the road I call Aspen Bend. The copse of aspens there gets bigger and more spectacular every year. And sure enough they were beginning to don their fall color. I love it!

On the other side of Westwood there’s a little meadow on the north side of the highway that is another harbinger of the seasons. It’s full of waving golden grass now. Across the road the fat cattle dot the fields enjoying the waning days of sunlight.

Oh, oh…there’s a Cal-Trans sign warning of roadwork to come. Then another, and another, and then the man with the upraised hand looking like St. Peter at the Gate. What a feeling of power he must have standing there in the middle of a busy highway immune from danger while the approaching drivers obey him. I stop as ordered and roll down my window and take advantage of the brief halt to smell the pine scented air. The woods are lovely and I am hoping the other drivers are taking a moment to enjoy the scenery instead of fuming at the delay.

I wind up the high pass at Fredonyer and down the other side and soon I’m at the top of the hill overlooking the high valley where Susanville sits. I’ve enjoyed my drive and will appreciate it again on my homeward journey.

Moon over Feather River in Autumn Photo by Jan Davies
The North Fork of the Feather River runs through the town of Chester and into Lake Almanor

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